FADERMONKEY is a bright, exciting company that specialises in all things Musical. From bespoke composition & sound design for film & television to, radio & advertising


Based In London; Our composers have over 20 years experience across multiple formats; Creating fresh and innovative, quality music for your project.


When you work with us, you get to work directly with the people that compose the music, play the instruments and produce world class results. We apply passion into every project we do; We exceed your expectations and create music without compromise.

FADERMONKEY created an incredible composition for our documentary ‘A Ray of Light.’ Their service is first class. They really took the time to listen to what we wanted and exceeded our expectations


Our Work

FADERMONKEY are a pleasure to work with; Their work is first class and we are always very happy with the results.

Andy Cuthbert, The Forum



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FADERMONKEY Your sound, your way.
“Effortlessly awesome”